Testimonials from Funding Recipients

I cannot ever express the gratitude I have for you (Sharon), your daughter (Jenn), and everyone involved with Moonshadow's Spirit.  I really believe that you helped to save my life because I was so unhealthy and was much sicker than I realized. I now have the tools to control my urges and I feel so much better than I have in years.  I could not have gone to Rain Rock if it wasn't for Moonshadow's Spirit. - Sarah Gowdy

Prior to this most recent time of treatment, I continually struggled to get to a place of recovery.… I requested financial help because I had finally found the right therapist and program and motivation to tackle the ED. I was unable to afford it though. I received financial assistance from Moonshadow, and it's now been several months and am happy to say I'm closer to recovery. The sentiment and shawl I was given by Moonshadow really helped keep my motivation high.… Something that has been very powerful to me is that whenever I am having urges to engage in behaviors, I try to remember to get my shawl, and remember that people in the world care and want recovery for everyone suffering from an ED. It has helped me so much to know so many people understand and want to help. I needed a partial hospitalization level of care for several months, and my insurance cut me off half way through. My scholarship allowed me to receive PHP [Partial Hospitalization] level of care for the time I needed it. I am happy to say I feel I'm closer to recovery than I ever have been, and am very grateful to Moonshadow for this. It is such an amazing blessing and motivator. I sincerely thank everyone that was part of the process. - JL

THANK YOU so much! That is wonderful. We so appreciate it. [She] is doing very well and has learned a lot there [Harmony Place].… I finally believe [she] is on the right track. I know this will be life long but we are all pulling together for her and she has great support. Ultimately it is up to her and I believe she is getting that now.

Thanks again, the financial burden that we have been through is devastating but we just keep seeking the help that [she] needs. I am grateful that you guys have started this and I hope to be of help to others in the future.